Our story - the collaboration with KTM Factory Racing

 All started in 2003 in connection with the Grand Prix competition in Uddevalla at Glimmingen motor stadium. Every now and then I, Henrik Gustavsson, showed off my unique product for KTM Factory Racing. It turned out to be a rewarding meeting and the start of a long and successful collaboration.

KTM performed a lot of tests and later in the year they informed me that I could become a supplier to the KTM Factory Racing Team. In 2004, the collaboration began with one of the world's most famous and successful motocross teams.

As early as 2005, we also started delivering decals to KTM's official enduro team.

The first ten years were very good and rewarding, the brand HG Stickers gained status, became famous and many wanted the same type of decals that the world stars used.

For 15 years I have delivered decals to KTM Factory Racing, the last three years we also had the honor to produce decals and become a court supplier to KTM North America, under the leadership of the icon Roger De Coster.


It was an experience and an honor to collaborate with the world's best motocross and enduro riders. Among others, Stefan Everts, Ben Townley, Steve Ramon, Samuli Aro, Juha Salminen, Ivan Cervantes, Jeffrey Herlings, Antonio Cairoli, Jorge Prado, Marvin Musquin, Ryan Dungey and Toby Price have used my decals. Together with these world artists, and many other stars, HG Stickers has been involved in winning 56 World Championship titles in racing.

The 2018 season was the last year that HG Stickers collaborated with the KTM Factory Racing Team, because I then planned to let my then brand get a new owner.

Now, however, I have started a new decal business under the Philthon Graphics brand. Welcome to be part of a new exciting and hopefully successful journey among racing stars.



Henrik Gustavsson

CEO Philthon Graphics